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The full terms of service can be found here. This page is a brief introduction to the rules and how to stay on the right side of them! There are sanctions which can and will be placed if you break them. Just play by the rules and you'll be fine!

In 2017, a community-driven rules update was put into place. The community ruleset can be found here.


Offensive/Inappropriate Language

What is that?

Also known as flaming, the use of unnecessary swearing and/or making fun of a disability sexual preference race or religion results in a ban or warning that will stay on your account forever, please just play nice.

Additionally, any attempts, threats or even jokes about hacking, attacking, harming or compromising the admins, the game or other staff members will not be tolerated. Same for any threats on players. We all love the game - nobody should feel unsafe and if you don’t like the game, you should simply find another one.


Being a farm is the act of acting purely for the benefit of another player without taking part of the gameplay, this manifests in the form of the transfer of outposts to another player with the intent that they be razed, and creating units for another player to kill for XP.

Conquer subs

You cannot in any way (intended or otherwise) benefit the alliance that has you conquered currently beyond the “tribute” resources. Namely you can not spam their enemies or purposefully create outposts you cannot defend.

Era dragging

If a team has won a world and are simply stalling it for score or any other reason, the admin reserves the right decrease the tick limit. In this situation the admin can start a vote and if successful this will result in an early tick limit. The minimum tick limit is 1000. You share your world with other players – please be mindful of your peers and don’t hurt the game!

VPN / Shared IP

No using a VPN or shared IP (including internet cafe’s or IP’s you know may connect to someone else eventually) without first receiving permission. This includes siblings and so on. Please understand that to protect competitive play, we can not tolerate all potential scenarios around top players. Always ask permission up front, do not expect a warning.

Account Sharing

Account Sharing: General Knowledge

Account sharing is a violation of the Battle Dawn Terms Of Service. This is a serious matter, and if you are caught in violation of this rule, it can result in an in-game ban according to the severity of the account sharing. To put it simply, don't account share!

What is Account Sharing?

Account sharing is when one player logs onto another player's account to move squads, resources, or maintain account. When more than one player has logged in to the same account, this rule has been broken.

How does one prevent this?

Simple. Don't hand out your Battle Dawn password to anyone. Firstly, it's against the rules and you can be banned for it. Secondly, giving anyone your password will allow them access to all of your servers and the forums as "you". Any actions that happen on your account are your responsibility so don't allow anyone to use your account or you will be liable for it.

Bug/Glitch Abuse

What is a bug?

A bug is a flaw in the programming, when triggered it can make something happen that isn't supposed to be happening.

What is bug/glitch abuse?

Bug abusing is as simple as its name. When players use a bug/glitch in the game to gain an advantage over another player, they could be banned for this especially if it is a widely known bug/glitch.

If we don’t fix it but we know about it, it’s legal. Use common sense! In case of doubt, simply ask the admin about your trick/bug. You’ll likely get a reward if we don’t know it.

How does one prevent this?

As soon as you become aware of a bug/glitch, report it immediately to the in game Administrator. They will thank you for reporting it and possibly get rewarded. After reporting it, however, it does not give you free reign to use it. If you accidentally came across a bug report it immediately, if you report it and do your due diligence then you will not be punished about it.

Multiple Accounts

What is Multi-ing?

Multi accounts are one player having two or more colonies on one server. In Battle Dawn, it is against the rules for a player to do this. Once the administrators find out, sanctions will be placed: all of the other accounts will be deleted, and the "main" account will usually be banned, either temporarily or permanently.

Rules enforcement and Detection

Who enforces the rules?

In-game, the rules are enforced by the world administrator of each world. On the forums, rules are enforced by the forum moderators as well as forum and game administrators.

What happens if I break the rules?

That depends first the severity of your offense as well as your previous offense history. Your account has detailed notes on any interaction you have had with admins in the past. If you have done bad before, your chances of a ban for offenses goes up substantially!

Typically an administrator will warn a player before resorting to banning their account. Again, previous warnings or bans will increase likelihood of a ban on a new offense! However, at least in-game, if you cheated and your cheating damaged the experience of fair-players, you also have a high likelihood of getting a ban to your account without warning!

How do the administrators find cheaters?

Administrators use a combination of player reports of suspicious behavior as well as various secret admin tools and investigation techniques to find cheating players.

I have been banned!! What now?!

Log into the Battle Dawn game client and access the world on which your ban originated, and contact your world admin. Honesty is always your best policy, so appeal to the admin whom issued the ban with all honesty and respect, and you will likely make things much easier on yourself.

You can also reach the admin whom issued your ban by logging into the Battle Dawn forum and checking your messages inbox. You will find a "Board Warning Issued" message there. Reply directly to this message to launch your appeal directly to the admin whom issued your ban. Again, honesty and respect go a long way!

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